Best Flowers Delivery Service From A Local Florist Near Me


Buying a gift for someone no matter what occasion can always be a hit or a miss. It is sort of always a guesswork in most cases. You don’t know if the person for whom you are buying the gift will find it useful or just bite the dust like variety of other articles they might have received.

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But, that is not the case with the flowers. If you are overly confused about what type of gifts to get for the intended recipient, flowers are your best friend and bet. Whether it be any occasion – Wedding, Someone Special (Love), Birthday, New Baby (or Mother), Get Well Soon, Just Because or Funeral and Sympathy; there are flowers you can send for each of those.

Another great thing about sending someone flowers is that it’s relatively cheap and expresses your feelings and concerns well towards the intended person – something which an expensive gift might fail to do many-a-times, too!

On this page, we will mainly help you send flowers online (for any occasion) by selecting the best flowers delivery service that will be hand-delivered by a local florist in any state, city or anywhere in the United States or other countries – whether it’s on the same day, next day or any future date.

Florist Near Me (vs) An Online Florist

You might be wondering right now – Why shouldn’t I choose a local flower shop near me over an online service? Why not flowers near me? Let’s explore an answer to that – shall we?

Just two decades ago, if someone wanted to send flowers to anyone, they would have to go to a local florist, spend a lot of time choosing the right flowers and all that things that goes along with it. And not to mention, having very less options and choosing from what they had in inventory for that particular time.

But, the introduction of internet has changed everything – and for good in many ways! Today, you have the luxury of sitting on your comfortable chair or couch, sipping a cup of coffee (or tea) and the ability to order flowers online anywhere in the world.

And it is not just about the convenience, saving time or being lazy here, there are lot of reasons apart from these (which we will explore a bit later on this page) to get your flower arrangements done online. But probably the biggest reason would be the variety of selection that you have access to.

Local florists can only do so much. They usually rely on a single supplier (or a couple of them) of the nearby regions which only grows a certain type of flowers and plants. But that is not the case with major flower delivery websites. They usually have connections with thousands of florists (more than 10,000 easily) and farms nearly in every city or town in United States and many other countries. Their inventory and selection choice is simply unmatched to what you will get at any single nearest florist.

You might be wondering – okay, all that is cool and I understand it but there’s not just one florist in my city, isn’t it? Sure, there isn’t. But, even if you go to multiple flower stores near you, that wouldn’t still match to the inventory selection that major online floral delivery services enjoy.

Another important thing to remember and not be mistaken by is that you still get the personal touch by a local florist delivering your flowers when you order them online. That's the beauty of it - delivered by local florists though you order them online. How wonderful is that?​

So, with that being said, let’s explore all the occasions for flowers below as picking the right one for each occasion is extremely important!

Flower Occasions

Choosing flowers doesn’t have to be rocket science. But when you are looking for floral arrangements, it is of extreme importance that you pick the right flowers that goes well along with that particular event or occasion. Choosing wrong flowers can really be a a big turn off to the receiver and you don’t want that to happen – trust me on this! Below, we will try to explore some of the perfect flowers by occasions along with giving you some tips on what types of flowers might go well with it.

Wedding Flowers

You do a lot of stuff, plan and dream a lot of moments of what you will do on this big day and how it will be executed. And choosing flowers for wedding should be no different as well. You should plan your wedding flower arrangements by choosing a great wedding florist. Many online florists has a variety of selection of flowers specifically for this occasion type.

Birthday Flowers

Nearly all people on their birthday receives blessings in some form of gifts. But it certainly adds a nice extra, caring feeling towards the recipient if you add flowers to the mix. There are various birthday flowers that you can choose from and send online.

Flowers For Loved Ones Or Someone Special

A bouquet of flowers are always appreciated by the either side in a relationship. More than that, it conveys the message of how important that person is in your life. Fresh roses are always good but it’s not the only option that you can choose from.

Flowers For New Born Baby

The biggest news and sight of rejoice for any woman in this world is undoubtedly the birth of her newborn. For nine months, she sacrifices many things and goes through extreme amount of difficulties. Sending her some flowers for the newly arrived will not fail to put a bright smile on her face!

Mothers Day Flowers

Probably the most important day in the entire year for any children. Mother holds an extremely important role in our life. Right from the childhood, she gives it all for us and makes a lot of sacrifices. Gifting her some perfect mother’s day flowers is the least you can do for her. It is guaranteed to bring a glow on her face glittering with happiness!

Graduation Flowers

Is some of your relative graduating? There is no better gift and a sweet gesture than gifting them a bouquet of fresh flowers and congratulate them on this great achievement.

Get Well Soon Flowers

When someone whom you are concerned about have recently been admitted to the hospital or are already discharged, flowers can be a great fit for wishing them a fast and speedy recovery. There are flowers available online specifically for this purpose, too.

Funeral Flowers

This is somewhat an occasion where you should be very careful on what type of flowers you choose. You definitely do not want to choose something which is very bright or flashy. Arum (also known as Calla) Lillie and White Roses are some of the popular choices when deciding to order flowers for this particular occasion.

Sympathy Flowers

These are very similar to the funeral flowers except for the only difference that you send these if you are not able to attend the concerned person’s funeral in person. The choice of picking flowers for this event is also similar to what we discussed above type (funeral).

Christmas Flowers

Opt for holiday season flowers on this special occasion and spread some love. There are many flowers for Christmas which looks good and are done specially for this season of love, happiness and joy.

All Occasion Flowers

​For any other occasion not on the list above, you can always choose flowers for all occasions – a one size fits all solution.

Below is a good video that provides information on choosing the right flowers to go along with every season.

Now let’s take a brief look on the flower prices below and how you should make a selection that fits your budget as well as appeals to your recipient.

Cheap Flowers (vs) Expensive Flowers

Flowers come in all forms and prices. It mostly depends on the buyer (you) on what type of choices you are looking for. Some rare flowers which are not easily available generally costs a bit more than your cheap flower delivery service. But even the not-so-cheap flowers are not that expensive and doesn’t have to necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. Just upping your budget by a few dollars can get you some very good quality of flowers that would certainly exceed your expectations. So go ahead, send flowers today to your concerned ones.

Benefits of Sending Flowers Online

Still wondering as to why not the flower store near me? Here we will highlight the main reasons and benefits in brief as to why choosing an online local flower delivery service would be a smart choice.

It Saves A Lot Of Time

When you depend on a nearby florist to deliver flowers, a lot of things could go wrong. Untimely delivery, the flowers you want are not in stock, and what not. Add on top of it to take out the extra time from your already busy running day. I’d rather enjoy a nice cup of coffee and buy flowers online that would ensure a timely delivery and save a lot of time.

You Have A Variety Of Options

A flower shop near you only has a certain type of flowers available to them. They have limited contracts with the farms and cannot extend their reach beyond a certain point. So your options gets extremely limited. However, this is not the case when you order them online. Most top rated online flower services (discussed a little below on this page) has contracts and relations with thousands of florists in the country and can offer a variety of choices when it comes to your taste. This is unmatched to what your local florist shop can offer to you.

Send Flowers Cheaply

Online flower services like we discussed above has contacts and relations with lot of florists through the country. There is no middleman whatsoever in this case. As a result, they are able to offer you their services for a more cheaper rate compared to what any local florist can do due to the enormous volume of orders they generate for the flower suppliers.

Flower Delivery Coupons

There is one more benefit to ordering flowers online apart from the cheap flowers online. And that is discount flowers. Due to the same fact discussed above (bulk volume), the online flower services runs a great amount of promotions and discounts frequently, offering even more value for your money. Talk about an icing on the cake! Your nearby flower shops cannot simply afford to do so due to slim margins.

Same Day Delivery

While local vendors can claim to offer same day delivery, they certainly cannot guarantee. Stuff happens – certain items are not in stock or due to unforeseeable circumstances, things could go wrong. But the chances of this happening when ordering them online is very slim as most top rated online vendors offers same day delivery to any part of the USA.

Fresh Flower Delivery

The flowers delivered by these online services are all fresh and handled carefully. They are prepared by a local florist who will hand deliver them to your recipient at an appropriate time when your recipient is supposed to receive them. This helps in maintaining the freshness of flowers.

Reach Across All Parts Of Country

Remember when I told above that these online services has relations with florists in all cities across the country? This is where it becomes most useful to order it online as your local florist is able to deliver the flowers only within the city. However, through online flower websites, you can place an order and have it deliver to any part of the country!

Free Delivery

Most of these offers free standard delivery and doesn’t charge you extra in the name of delivery charges.

International Flower Delivery

Have someone living outside of USA that you wish to send flowers to? With a local florist, it’d be impossible to do so. But not with the online florists. They are able to deliver them in almost any country by a local florist. Isn’t that amazing?

With all these benefits that these online floral services has to offer, I cannot see why one would not take advantage of these over the local shops. So go ahead, do yourself a favor – click the button below to send flowers online to any city or anywhere (literally) and save your time and money.

Online Flower Delivery Websites

In this section, we will attempt to take a look at the best flower delivery service. The websites listed below have been around for years, are trusted and guarantees complete satisfaction so that you can order flowers with a peace of mind.

FTD Flowers

FTD Flowers also simply known as FTD is probably one of the most oldest flower delivery service in existence. FTD stands for Florists’ Transworld Delivery. It began with a network of 13 florists in 1910 and later down the road in 1965 started offering international delivery, too.

It has an impressive catalog for any occasion you can think of at great prices. Same day delivery is also available. Also from time to time, ftd coupon codes or promo codes are made available which makes it a lucrative choice for many buyers.

​International delivery is also not an issue with FTD as it can send flowers to over more than 150 countries, thanks to it’s own wide network of FTD florists around the world. So whether you want to send flowers to a city in USA or anywhere else internationally, choosing FTD can be a great option.


Teleflora is another company which has been in existence for a long time. It’s existence can be dated back to 1934 when it was founded by Edward Douglas. Since 1979, it has been part of The Wonderful Company.

Flowers are available for all type of occasions and events with varied amount of variety that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a bouquet or an arrangement, Teleflora has got it all. Teleflora coupon codes and promo codes are also offered on many occasions which surely makes it an interesting choice to order flowers from.

Just like FTD, it has extremely good relations with thousands of florists throughout US and other parts of the world who will hand-deliver them to your recipient. So no matter what location you want to send flowers to, Teleflora can get them delivered.


ProFlowers or Pro Flowers based in San Diego, California is an online flower store which was founded in 1998. It is part of it’s parent entity Provide Commerce which owns a lot of subsidiaries related to gifting and similar items. However, in December, 2014, FTD bought Provide Commerce and thus ProFlowers is now also a part of FTD owned companies, bringing in the expertise of FTD.

It also provides a large array of choices to its customers for all types of events including plants and variety of gourmet (cake, chocolate, cookies and a lot more). Like above websites, it also offers same day delivery and international shipping.

Like many websites, there are also ProFlowers coupon codes and promo codes made available from time to time to delight their customers and get a great deal on flowers and various items. If you decide to choose them, you cannot go wrong especially after being acquired by a company (FTD) which has been in this business for over 100 years!


Also known as 1-800-Flowers or simply 1800 Flowers was founded in 1976. It was one of the first companies to offer the 24X7 sales service. It’s headquartered in Carle Place, New York.

Like many websites we saw above, there are flowers available for every occasion you could think of along with delicious gourmet items to go along with it if needed. You can also send flowers internationally if the need be.

All this and the frequent 1800Flowers coupon codes/promo codes and promotions ran by the company makes it a quite appealing online floral vendor to order flowers from. is another company that has been online for many years and has built a great reputation for itself in the world of online flower delivery.

They offer flowers (of course) and a variety of gifts to go along with it if the need be. We found their range of flower selection quite good as there are many types of flowers you can choose depending upon the occasion.

Like the rest of the websites, they too offer same-day delivery if needed.

Flower Delivery Express

Flower Delivery Express also known as FDE is another website that has been online for more than a decade, delivering a variety of flowers to all parts of USA and also offers international delivery through a wide network of florists. It has made it’s place in Inc 5000 and is one of America’s fastest growing companies.

Like many other online flower vendors, there are flowers, gifts and plants available for numerous occasions. Offering same day delivery and of course, international delivery. Flower Delivery Express coupons are also available from time-to-time, offering a nice incentive to it’s customers and decent savings.


As we saw, there are many advantages of using an online flower delivery option over the local ones. Out of all of those however, probably the biggest ones are savings, wide variety of inventory and delivery to any part of the US or world. It’s literally a win-win situation. The personal touch is still maintained here despite ordering them online because a nearby florist will be hand-delivering them. Best of both worlds, I’d say.

So go ahead, click the below button and send flowers online to any place of your choice.