8 Comfortable and Best Jean Brands for Men in 2018

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Best Jean Brands for Men

Best Jean Brands for Men

8 Comfortable and Best Jean Brands for Men in 2018 – One of the clothes that we used to wear is jean. Jean is the apparel that fit for casual activities, such as hanging out or partying. There are many kinds of jean brands in this world, from the pioneer and old jeans who sold vintage jeans to modern and up-to-date jeans that used the styles nowadays.

In this article, we will review about the 8 comfortable and best Jean brands for men in 2018. As you know, there are many brands for jean apparel, but only 8 which stood and mark their name as the best jean brands in this world. If you are interested in the information of the best jeans in 2018, you might want to read more below.


1. Calvin Klein

Established in the late 1960’, Calvin Klein has risen to the fame and become one of the famous jeans that people wear. It is originally made in the United States, and now owns a base in New York. The Calvin Klein jean is very popular and considered best due to its modern styles in men and women. Not only that, the price range of Calvin Klein is quite affordable in the opinion of the local buyer, which is not too expensive, thus making people nowadays interested in buying the Calvin Klein products. Thus, it becomes popular jeans wears by men in 2018.

Calvin Klein jeans mens

Calvin Klein Jeans Mens

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2. Levis Strauss & Co

Another one of the jeans that considered as famous jeans of all time is the Levis Strauss & Co. It is not only popular jean brands in 2018, but also in the past 10 to 20 years. Most of the country in the world already sells Levis Strauss & Co and the name of Levis Strauss & Co is quite familiar in the mind of every people, from young teenagers to adult. The Levis Strauss & Co has a price that is very fit in the pocket of everyone, which is why most people do not think twice about buying this jean. Not only that, Levis Strauss & Co uses the best quality thread that makes the users feel comfortable in wearing the jean.

Levis Strauss & Co jeans mens

Levis Strauss & Co Jeans Mens

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3. Guess

Well, if you are a rich person and need a good and expensive jeans to show your richness, then you need to get a Guess jean. Yes, it is true that Guess is considered as the expensive jean brands by most of the people who cannot afford to buy the Guess. However, behind its expensiveness, Guess has become one of the best jean brands for men in 2018, making it popular among the middle to upper class. Guess does not only make jeans for men but the other accessories, such as watches and perfumes.

Guess jeans mens

Guess Jeans Mens

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4. Dolce & Gabbana

For you who are looking for the comfortable and cozy jean yet comes with the right and affordable price, the Dolce & Gabbana jean is what you are looking for. The Dolce & Gabbana is the jean brands established in Italy. The Dolce & Gabbana comes with many kinds of Jean, from elegant and luxury jean to slim-fit jean for daily use. For the price, Dolce & Gabbana comes with the price in between cheap and expensive, so not all people are able to buy it, but when it comes to the weekend discount sales, lots of people will try to buy it.

Dolceand Gabbana jeans mens

Dolceand Gabbana Jeans Mens

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5. Rag and Bone

In 2018, Rag and Bone have risen to fame, becoming one of the popular jeans that ever made, and stand beside the other famous jean brands, such as Levis, Guess, and D&C. Established in 2002 in New York City, United States, the Rag and Bone Jean has quickly become popular jeans among teenagers and young adult due to its affordable prices and luxury design. Most people who buy and own the Rag and Bone stated that the jean might not as cozy as the other jean produced by most of the popular brands, but still, the styles of Rag and Bone make them popular among the group of teens and young adult.

Rag and Bone jeans mens

Rag and Bone Jeans Mens

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6. Wrangler

Another American best jean brands in 2018 is the Wrangler. The main signature that makes Wrangler become widely known is the “W” alphabet as the sign of Wrangler located in the back pocket of the jeans. In 2018, Wrangler has raised into one of the greatest jean brands of all time, just below the famous Levis & Strauss Co. It is a huge win for Wrangler since we know that the jeans produced by Wrangler are a quality jean and comfortable to wear.

Wrangler jeans mens

Wrangler Jeans Mens

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7. 7 For All Mankind

Another rises-to-famous jean in 2018 is the 7 For All Mankind. In the early 2010s, nobody has ever heard the name of the 7 for All Mankind. However, as the years pass through, the 7 for All Mankind has risen to fame and book its place as one of the best jeans to wear of all time. The jeans produced by 7 for All Mankind has many kinds of size, from skinny guy to big guy or from kid to elderly. The quality of 7 For All Mankind is not questionable, as the jeans used the best quality thread to make the jeans.

7 For All Mankind jeans mens

7 For All Mankind Jeans Mens

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8. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauran keeps making the best quality jean based on the America Wild West historic events. Most of the people considered Ralph Lauren as the jean that very cozy when being worn, as it has the elastic thread that fit for all people in all size. Not only that, Ralph Lauren has a price that everyone could buy it, excluding the weekend sale of Ralph Lauren. So, there are lots of people with positive review related with the Ralph Lauren jean brands.

Ralph Lauren jeans mens

Ralph Lauren Jeans Mens

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That is the 8 comfortable and best jean brands for men in 2018. As you read it, you might hear several famous names, such as Levis or Calvin Klein, as the common famous brand in the world. So, what are you waiting for, get one of the jeans above to mark yourself.

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