8 Easy Life Hacks in How to Get Paint Out of Jeans

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8 Easy Life Hacks in How to Get Paint Out of Jeans – We all know that it is sucks when you accidentally splatter paint on your favorite jeans. Most of people don’t know how to handle this situation immediately which can make the stain worst. Common mistake that people always do is too rushed to rub the paint stain right after it splatter. It is so wrong because you can make the paint spread more widely and absorbed into your favorite jeans material which make it more difficult to clean up.

There is no reason why you made the same mistake over and over again in handling you’re painted off jeans. Here is some trick that very helpful in how to get paint out of jeans and make it as good as before.

Tips How to Get Paint Out of Jeans

How to Get Paint Out of Jeans

How to Get Paint Out of Jeans


– Always remember to know what kind of paint that splatter on your jeans

The common mistakes that people mostly done are that they mishandled the paint splatter. To avoid it become worst that makes the paint stain stays forever on your favorite jeans, you should know what kind of paint is that. Because some of acrylic and water based paint can’t be treated equals with oil based paint. There is a big difference between the paint material, at acrylic and water based paint, you should scrape the excess paint with sharp things like knife or cutter then you can put alcohol on it and rub it carefully to remove the paint stain. Otherwise, on oil based paint, first you have to try removing the stain by using thinner, not alcohol and don’t even try to scrape it or you can make it worst.


– Clean it with alcohol immediately

Alcohol can help breaks up the paint stain so you will clean it up easier. It is better for you to pour the alcohol and rub it ASAP when the paint stain still wet to remove it better. You will get less effort to clean it up when it still wet so remember to work as fast as you can.


– Rub the surface and make sure that you get rid all the paint stain before washing it

The other common mistake is that you put your painted jeans right into water. This is so wrong because it will only make the paint dry faster and you will get forever stain in your jeans. The only right thing on how to get paint out of jeans is make sure that there is no paint left on your jeans before it meets the water. You have to rub the surface of your painted jeans which has been smeared by alcohol and rub it carefully to clean the stain. It’s the most crucial parts on how to get paint out of your jeans so you have to pay more attention on this step. You also have to remember to rub against the grain of the material for maximum results.


– Try to use unused toothbrush if paper towel didn’t works

When you failed to clean up the paint off your jeans by paper towel, try to use unused toothbrush. But, remember you have to do it slowly because if you don’t handle it carefully, you can break the fabric and make a huge faded color stain. If you get a little difficulty on this step, you can add and rub your brush with some more alcohol, it will help the excess paint to break down and crumble so you can clean it easier.


– Oil-based paint can be very tricky, so be careful

There is large difference between handle water based paint stain and oil based paint. In water based paint and acrylic paint, you can clean up the stain with the combination of alcohol and warm water. But different with the water based paint, the oil-based paint has more tricky handling directions. You should pay more attention on the direction in the paint cans and you have to follow each step of the directions on it. Most of oil-based paint needs thinner or turpentine to wash off the remaining stain. But remember, you have to pour the thinner at the back of the fabric, not right on it, because you have to loosen the paint from the fabric. After that you can right into the next stage that is rinse with warm water. On this step, you can use your dishwasher soap to help it cleans better.

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– Do not have alcohol? Use your nail polish remover

In some situation, most of people get panic because they can’t find any alcohol to rub the paint stain and clean it up immediately. In this case you don’t have to worry because you can use your favorite nail polish remover to help get rid of paint stain off your jeans. Its logic because most of nails polish remover ingredients is pure alcohol.


– Use warm water to make it easier to clean up

Remember to always use warm water to rinse your jeans after you clean the paint stain with alcohol or thinner. This is because warm water dissolves more paint particle of the fabric. It’s a lot faster than using cold water.


– Still didn’t work? Don’t worry there is some ideas to cover it better

This trick didn’t work for you? Don’t worry, than you keep looking for a failure reasons on your cleaning step. It’s better for you to remake your jeans so the paint stain will not look like hell. You can do some DIY hacks to make your stained jeans as good as new by adding some extra beads around the paint stain so it will look like an artistic pattern that will make your jeans beautiful as usual. You can also put some embroidery on the stain and create some pattern to cover it perfectly. There are so many things that you can do depend on your creativity and imagination to make your favorite jeans pretty as new.

This helpful trick helps you to bringing back your favorite jeans without stressed out on how to get paint out of jeans. You just need to read the following steps carefully and clean the paint stain step by step to get perfect cleaning as good as it can be.

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