10 things that breaks the myth about Jeans without Back Pockets

Jeans Without Back Pockets

Jeans Without Back Pockets

Breaks the myth about Jeans without Back Pockets – There is no doubt that everyone wants to look stunning at any time even in their daily performances. But, sadly not every of them have an enough skill to do mix and match on their daily fashion. They want to look up to date anytime anywhere but they don’t even realize what’s good or worst for themselves, and not infrequently it cause fashion disaster.

But, by the upcoming of the fashion trends, here’s a tips that you can get to avoid fashion disaster, even if you wearing jeans without back pockets. No doubt, most people assume that they will look so terrible when wearing jeans without back pockets. But hey, you can say so but that was before you read this tips. It can be stunning fashion appearance if you do it right with this type of jeans, so, here we go.

Tips to Wearing Jeans Without Back Pockets


1. First things to remember, it isn’t that bad, in fact not bad at all

Most of people that thinks they fashionable thinks that no back pocket jeans is a big no to wear, even they assume that a fashion disaster if you dare to wear it. It’s totally wrong, latest fashion trends speak up that less is better. It’s true, because hey, why do you should put an enormous back pocket with maybe some weird button on it if you just look better by cutting it off? It’s a big mistake that you think you take a bad decision to wear your no back pockets jeans.


2. Right jeans for a right body

Its sound simple, yet it’s very tricky for you to choose the right jeans that fit in your curve. Most people make same mistakes repeatedly by wearing jeans that doesn’t fit with their body. For example, they choose to wear low-rise jeans besides they have a short leg. It’s a totally disaster because low-rise jeans will only make your leg looks shorter than ever, so if you don’t want to look like a dwarf, you better choose boot-cut jeans. In this case, jeans without back pockets will look great if you have a quite curvy butt, because if you have too flat bottom, you better not wearing this.


3. Its look better with long cardigan

When you decide to wear no back pockets jeans, you have to make sure that you wear it with a right combination. No wonder, wearing it with a long cardigan is one of a stunning option to bright up your day. This choice can cover some shortage of your body shape while wearing your favorite jeans. You don’t have to worry about your thigh size or your bottom look without any pocket on it because it will cover elegantly. And the good news is you can wear it at any seasons. You just need to match your jeans with a suitable material that fits with weather or any occasion that you attend.


4. Mix and match your no back pocket jeans with a long cut blouse

Long cut blouse can be a simple option that you can get if you don’t want to mix and match your no back pockets jeans with any cardigan. Loose and light long cut blouse can be a wonderful choice that makes you look gorgeous and chic at the same time. You can also take a v shape blouse which highlights your upper body for a sexier look. See? Did you still say that this no back pockets jeans is a totally fashion disaster? guess not.

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5. Choose skinny cut for a better look

No back pockets jean is usually fit with woman only jeans, mostly called jeans legging, which combine the material of softer jeans with shape of a comfortable legging. It’s obviously clear that skinny cut will looks better on your no back pocket jeans because it can accentuate your beautiful leg. This because a skinny cut jeans giving more emphasis to the thighs that brings you legs to the more level. So, show it up girls, you deserve that attention.

Wearing Jeans Without Back Pockets

Wearing Jeans Without Back Pockets


6. Remember, it’s better than fake front pocket

Frankly, how many of you keep wondering why do most of jeans factory makes a silly fake front pocket that has no use at all? You can even put your keys on it without feel annoyed by stabbed feeling on your skin. Keep your phone on it? Come on, you can just dreaming about it. It is definitely has no use at all for most ladies on earth. It is easier for you to bring your goods and put it on your handbag. Seriously, did your fancy fashion wallet will fit on your back pocket? I don’t think so, so it will be better that there is no back pocket on your jeans right?


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7. Wear the right accessories to support your appearance

Accessories is a must have item for every woman that want to looks fashionable and stunning. If you wearing your no back pockets jeans on your daily activities, you can add a scarf so that it will support your appearance. You can also use a simple necklace and bangles to make your looks fancier. it’s your choice whether you want to look chic or fancy yet elegant.


8. Less is better

No one will look great if wearing too much accessories or too much combination material. It will only make you looks cheaper, so it will be better if you avoid to add too much combination on your daily look.


9. It’s so comfy, no doubt about it

Seriously, a no back pockets jeans are one of most favorite comfortable pants to wear daily. Imagine that you can sit for hours or even along day without feeling any discomfort of unwanted buttons on your bottom. You will not feel too tight by the pocket folds on your bottom side. So why don’t you start to put your no back pockets jeans as your favorite one?


10. Flat butt? It’s a totally myth!

Most of people assume that it’s a big no to wear no back pockets jeans because of it will only makes their bottom look more flat and disgusting. It is so wrong, there is no correlation between wearing no back pockets jeans with a flat butt appearance. It is true that those jeans with no back pockets will show off your body shape more intense, but it will not make your bottom looks flat.

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There it is, now is clear enough that most of people thought about jeans without back pockets as a fashion disaster was so wrong. You can look great and stunning by wearing your no back pocket jeans if you can choose the right combination to mix and match it.

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