Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans Guide and Tips

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Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans

Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans Guide and Tips – Most of men today have more than 10 pairs of shoe on their closet, so it’s no longer secret that man nowadays have as much as shoe any woman does. Is that too much, enough or even too little for them to have it all? The answer is relative. Both man and woman should pay more attention on their fashion style about what to wear it, where to wear it, when to wear it even how to wear it. Perfect combination will create great public appearance that classified them as classy or cheap style. It is sound very rude, but it true because nowadays you can’t just going out with a shambles style and not getting a negative judging from people. There an invisible guideline about fashion style that most of people even man or woman often forgets while wearing jeans. The problem of wearing jeans is choosing what shoes to wear with it to get a fabulous looks. It’s quite tricky because most of people wearing jeans on their daily looks, so what you should wear to get it higher is important. Choosing men’s casual shoes to wear with jeans can be so easy if you do it right.

Choose the right shoe to wear with your jeans is like choosing your perfect match for life. You should choose it wisely, or you will look just ordinary. The best combination to wear with your jeans is a casual shoe. It doesn’t mean you have to put your favorite sneakers only while wearing jeans. Boat shoe, espadrilles, loafer, Chelsea boots or your signature chucks. Combine the right jeans with the right shoe is an important point. Less is not always better, sometimes choosing accessories and apparel that blends well each other needs extra effort. But you have to make sure that you don’t put too many accents in one appearance. There are so many type of casual shoe that you can choose or we can say that must have item such as sneakers, signature chuck, espadrilles, etc. To take it to the next level, choosing right shoe for the right jeans is the key.

There a lot of jeans style that you can choose beside regular classic jeans. There are slim-fit jeans, skinny jeans, straight leg jeans, boot-cut jeans, distressing jeans, patches jeans and many more. We will not talk about type of dressy jeans this time because we will focus on casual jeans and what to wear with it.

6 Men’s Casual Shoes to Wear with Jeans Guide


  • Slim-fit jeans

Most of Jeans Company nowadays labeled their product with slim-fit jeans. A slim fit jean is type a jeans that contain stretchy material that makes is flow as body contour which you even no longer need a belt to make it fit perfectly on your body. Like, seriously? What kind of jeans those need a belt to fit in if there no reason besides you takes the wrong size?  This slim fit jean almost fits every casual shoe on your close. It’s quite neutral and blends perfectly on your appearance in every casual occasion. Signature sneakers are one of the best men’s casual shoes to wear with jeans, especially your favorite slim-fit jeans.

  • Skinny jeans

Skinny Jeans become popular selection on this latest fashion trends, but unfortunately, most people describe that slim-fit jeans are the same with skinny jeans which is totally wrong. The major differences between them where skinny jeans have narrower opening on the leg which makes it give more contours to the body. At the beginning, skinny jeans often wear by woman, but as the fashion grow skinny jeans become a good commodity in men’s fashion too. Sneakers and casual shoe like boat shoe and espadrilles are great to wear with skinny jeans. Remember to choose darker color of jeans to make it look great.

  • Straight leg jeans

Straight leg jeans sometimes can be too dressy to wear at casual moment, but that depends on what you wear with it. In casual occasion like movie date or some Friday casual on office, straight leg jeans can be your best pick. Straight leg jeans will give elegant touch on your looks but not makes you too dressy. Your straight leg jeans will fit perfectly with brown color boat shoe or your classic canvas loafer. Try to combine with shout-out print t-shirt under your favorite checkered pattern shirt.

  • Boot-cut jeans

As it named, boot-cut jeans will perfectly match your style with some boots shoe. Try to avoid country star style for your casual moments. Chelsea boots can be a perfect selection to get the signature casual look. Chelsea boots blend perfectly on your casual appearance because it has elastic side panels and some leather or rubber sole which great to wear with jeans. This Chelsea boots it suitable to wear with dark color sweater or t shirt with casual jacket on it.

  • Distressing jeans

Distressing jeans is a funky option that you can choose in casual moments. It will make you look hotter than ever. Wearing distressing jeans sometimes too tricky, the common mistake is you not show it one side only which means you may putting too many accessories on it. When you wear distressed jeans, you have to remember that you have to make it the centerpiece of your outfit. There is no more additional accessories like scarf, rock-star belt or other stuff, just your jeans and done. Simple or plain color t-shirt can be your top outfit selection, and of course you have to put on your best shoe to support it. Chukka boots, espadrilles or boat shoe is a big no to wear with distressed jeans. Pick your best classic chucks for the best look.

  • Patches jeans

As well as distressed jeans, patches jeans can’t be wear with too many accessories or excessive outfits. It will look perfectly with some simple t-shirt and casual cardigan. Best shoes to wear with these patches jeans are classic loafer but some selection of great espadrilles can make you look fabulous.

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Perfect shoe are a good investment for your looks. Most of men casual shoes are fit perfectly to wear with jeans. The only key that important is choosing the right men’s casual shoes to wear with jeans for a chic and fabulous appearance.

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