10 Brilliant Olive Green High Waisted Jeans Style Guide

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Olive Green High Waisted Jeans

Olive Green High Waisted Jeans

10 Brilliant Olive Green High Waisted Jeans Style Guide – Talking about latest fashion trends can be never ending topics that make you overwhelmed. Fashion trends sometimes repeating from time to time, i mean, what’s become ’80 trends can be the upcoming trends in the present. In this case, if you lucky I guess, you don’t have to buy any clothes or other apparel to follow the fashion update, you just need to break down your mother closet to get their retro fashion. One of the upcoming fashion trends is high waisted jeans. You know that high-waist jeans ever very popular in the early ’90. If you want to look stunning and brighter on summer, olive green high waisted jeans can be the right options.

Wearing a bright color jeans sometimes become challenging for certain people, mainly for a girl who don’t know how to look stunning rather than tacky on wearing it. But don’t worry, here are some ideas that you can imitate in how to look good on olive green high-waist jeans.

Before we take up about what you should wear with your olive green high-waist jeans, there are certain rules about what do’s and don’ts to wear with high-waisted jeans in common.


  • Choose a stripe top or small pattern top
  • Wear a crop top can be a great hit to your look. Don’t be afraid to look too sexy, just rock it on babe.
  • Bodysuits, fit tank top or even bralette is fits your high-waist jeans so damn good.
  • Wear sneakers if you want to look chill and casual, but some stiletto or pump shoes can be another choice if you want to look fancier.
  • Add proper accessories like scarf, bangles, large necklace, and oversized bag for dramatic looks.
  • Adding some leather jacket can makes you look sophisticated, or maybe if you want to add more casual looks, some loose cardigan can be great selection.


  • Don’t ever think about wearing it with large colorful pattern because it makes your upper body looks bigger.
  • Since high-waist jeans accentuate your silhouette more, wearing oversized top will makes you look bulky and old fashioned.
  • Wearing it with boots is a disaster. Don’t ever wear it with boots. Ever.

Well, now you know what do’s and don’ts on wearing your high-waist jeans, so now we will guide you in choosing the right fashion formula in wearing your olive green high waisted jeans. Remember, choosing bright color of denim outer can be tricky because you cannot offhanded match it. It’s not some neutral color that fits with every single of your regular tee pattern. Here is some hint for you, so you will not mismatch your outfit and make fashion disaster.

Green High Waisted Jeans

Green High Waisted Jeans

10 High Waisted Olive Green Jeans Guide

  1. Wear it with pastel color small flower pattern

Adding some pastel color top to your olive green jeans can be a fresh air in the ocean, you will look sweet and warm yet sophisticated on it. Floral pattern can give feminine accent on your casual daily look. Forget about looks older and old-fashioned because there is nothing cuter than sweet flower on pastel color.

  1. White tank top for intense casual look

Simple is better. This is so true, if you ran out of ideas what to wear with your high-waisted jeans. Simple white tank top can be safe selection for you. White will never fail you, and even better if you add a gorgeous big necklace on it, to make your looks not so plain. A pressed body tank top is a great choice to wear with high waist jeans because it makes your body looks more slender.

  1. Dark color long coat or blazer for more formal event

Wearing high-waisted jeans not only fit with your casual moments. You can even wear it on formal event. Of course you can’t just out a tee or tank top on it. Match it with dark color long coat or some blazer can bring your high waist jeans to the next level. You can consider maroon or dark blue color to wear with.

  1. Brown strappy sandal is a hit

Jeans will never fail to wear with sneakers, but if you want to look more girly and feminine, strappy sandals can be wonderful choice. For your olive green denim, brown strappy sandals can be a neutral color combination that will accentuate the earth color on your looks. Don’t forget to get a beautiful pedicure before you put your strappy sandals on.

  1. Crop top madness all over it

We all know that crop top was the perfect mate for high-waist jeans. So, it’s clear that you will never get old to wear your olive green high waist jeans with some of your crop top collection. You can wear plain pattern or even some shout-out print on it.

  1. Preppy look with square pattern shirt

If you get bored on your regular tee or top, you can put on your square pattern shirt on it. Just remember to out the down line in it to get sexier looks.

  1. Chunky knit cardigan and indulge your inner bohemian goddess

Indulge your bohemian goddess inside you by wearing your chunky knit cardigan and even better if it covers up your knee. Inside the cardigan, you can wear your favorite tank top that has contrast color.

  1. Retro looks with corset top and wide glasses

Break down your mother or grandma closets and going retro. You will never looks bored by wearing your high waist jeans with corset top and choker necklace. You can also put on wide glasses for intense dramatic looks.

  1. Cute and chic mode with cropped sweaters

A cropped sweater is a cute option that you can also adopt for your daily fashion. It fits greatly on your high waist jeans.

  1. Sexy night-out with bralette and loose floral top

Never fear to get on fire look. Sexy bralette will accentuate your upper body, especially your toned waist and shoulder. Loose floral top can also be a perfect body cover on a summer vibes.

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The most important things to consider on your fashion remedy is choosing the right mould that fits with your body and soul. No matter what how pretty it is, if you don’t feel comfortable and confident on wearing it, then no. Don’t be someone that isn’t you to just follow the trends. Choosing right combination, color and pattern is very important for you to wear your olive green high waisted jeans perfectly.

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