Is a tantric massage the key to a less stressful life? Why it could help you when you’re feeling down

Modern life, while comparatively easier than before from the material perspective, nevertheless brings about high stress, depression and sense of purposelessness in the fast changing world. A tantric massage may be a brilliant tool to alleviate some of it. How so? You’ll find out in a moment if you keep reading, but it’s basically down to the following:

  • It works with the body, but aims to access the mind
  • It has a rich tradition and meaning behind it
  • It treats everything as a connected whole
  • It teaches self-control

More than an easy sensual fix, tantric massage digs deeper

Though depression and chronic stress are widely recognised as a growing problem, little is being done about this in an effective way, with anti-depressants merely treating the symptoms instead of the cause. In this regard, the tantric treatment is more mindful of the whole picture, since it works with heightened arousal and pleasure to access and calm the deeper recesses of the mind. It offers a holistic relief to the body, and through it to the mind also. The therapeutic properties of tantra are slowly unravelling and gaining mainstream attention, though there’s still a long way to go before it’s given its due.

The massage is just the tip of the iceberg

Tantric stimulation is part of the sprawling world of erotic massages, but arguably belongs among the most relaxing of them – if it’s not really the one that relaxes the most. Tantra is an ancient Indian tradition incorporating meditation, mysticism, yoga exercise and life practice, with the aim of reconnecting the energy of body, mind and soul into an integral, meaningful whole. It doesn’t shy from utilising human sexuality which it views as an important and inseparable part of the whole. Though to reap its full potential, one needs to devote many years to it, even a layman can benefit from tantric tradition by getting a massage based on its principles.

So what’s it about exactly?

As was mentioned, this treatment aims to reconnect the energy that usually gets blocked or disjointed. This happens either physically – letting muscles go sore, keeping a wrong body posture etc., but also mentally. Emotional traumas, negative thought patterns, stress, sexual frustrations all play its part in harming and disconnecting the psyche from the whole picture. Tantric massage seeks to help in both of those instances. It utilises meditative techniques of deep, rhythmical breathing, and combines them with gentle physical touches that stimulate the body from head to toe – erogenous zones included. Throughout the whole procedure, the “blocked” energy is gradually set free, arousal is heightened, whipped up and finally being given an outlet in the ultimate, intensive orgasm that flushes the stress and negativity out of your body. The euphoric aftermath of the whole procedure will stay with you long after the massage itself is done…

Positive impact on your wellbeing

The combination of deep relaxation and intense arousal works wonders in cleaning the mind of negativity and focusing on the present. The final climax is more than a regular orgasm. It is a valve through which the accumulated negativity leaves your body. (From the material perspective, the erotic stimulation causes your body to be flushed with oxytocin – a chemical tied to happiness, motivation, nurturing and stress release- though actually, the pleasant feelings far outlive the immediate oxytocin rush.) What’s more, tantra teaches you correct breathing and self-control in postponing the pleasure rather than rushing it, which can have additional positive impact on your sex life!

Stress and depression are increasingly plaguing modern life – where do you think the solution lies? Would you agree that a good dose of erotically-charged stimulation can work wonders to mitigate the crippling effects of it, or are things not that easy? Discuss your position with others in the comment section!