Massage parlour in Prague – what exactly can you expect when visiting one?

Most people going to the Czech capital will probably miss this one and instead go for one of the tried and trusted attractions. While you’ll probably not find them on the list of top things to see and do in the city, there are plenty of erotic/sensual massage parlours in Prague worth checking out. If you wish to know more about these places, the kind of services offered there and the way they operate. Then this article is meant for you!

Massage parlours in Prague – the kind of places where your visit ends happily

We’re not talking about your ordinary massage salons here – these ones provide something extra in addition to your rubdown. And no, it’s not about direct sex. Though prostitution is technically legal in the country, soliciting it in such a way would be prohibited. But the so-called erotic massage is a different story – you won’t be receiving a direct intercourse as part of it, but it will nevertheless culminate with a “happy ending” (meaning orgasm), usually achieved by hand stimulation. It’s a great addition, but the rubdown itself should be no less professionally delivered because of that!

What kind of services do they provide there?

What the Prague salons offer isn’t much different from what is offered at similar places all across the world. But, of course, every salon will have its specialities, unique benefits and out-of-the-box massages – it’s a competitive business where everyone’s trying to top each other. But generally, you’ll be definitely able to find the following massages on the “menu” in Prague:

  •   Swedish – Classical. This massage is the closest to a traditional physiotherapy, but with an added “happy ending”
  •   Nuru – Originating in Japan, nuru is one of the so-called “body to body” massages, in which both yours and your masseuse’s body will be in close contact. Nuru also utilises a special slippery gel.
  •   Tantric – This rubdown is famous for its no-holds-barred approach to the erotic, but also for its emotional aspect and close bonding between the “giver” and “receiver”. There are also simplified version of tantra, focusing primarily on stimulating the genitalia – these are called Lingam (penis) and Yoni (vagina).
  •   BDSM – Usually a costume-play with elements of BDSM for those who are into this.
  •   Lomi Lomi – Increasingly popular throughout Europe, Lomi Lomi is originally a Hawaiian technique, known as “gentle hands”. Erotic stimulation is originally not a part of it, but, of course, these parlours don’t bother with this rule much…
  •   Prostate stimulation. Sometimes, this is orderable only as an extra to go with another massage, sometimes it’s a full-fledged procedure itself. Prostate gland can be an unexpected source of pleasure!

In addition to this, most parlours will offer some more extra services, such as lap dance, lesbian show, French kissing and more…

How do you make an order?

Basically, you’ve got either the incall or an outcall option. Incall means that you visit the salon directly, after announcing (either via a phone or an email) your visit and choosing your therapist, your preferred massage type and specifying the time at which you want to visit. With outcall, the procedure is the same, but this time, it works as an escort – your therapist will visit you, either at your home or in a hotel room. Of course, you can make an unexpected visit, but there’s no guarantee there will be a therapist available at the moment – it’s always better to announce your visit beforehand!

What about payment methods?

Cash is always preferred at places like these – make sure you have Czech crowns ready, though some parlours will accept Euros as well. Typically you pay after everything’s over. Tipping (10-20 % of the price) is welcome, though not absolutely necessary.

Would you be interested in visiting a parlour like this while in Prague? Why or why not? And which massage would you find the most interesting? What would be preferable to you – an incall or an outcall? What are the pros and cons of each one? Discuss in the comments below!